Alpert Street in Yehud

Evacuation of construction on Alpert Street in Yehud (120 housing units)

Simulation of the project
The residents of Alpert Yehud Street contacted us after an appeal was made to them by an entrepreneur who was interested in carrying out an evacuation project. The tenants turned to our office and asked us to act against the contractor and try to get them the maximum possible.

After receiving the tenants' consent, we held a meeting with the developer, who suggested that in exchange for the old apartment, a new apartment, about 80 square meters, would be handed over to the tenants as part of a construction evacuation project.

After we examined the developer's proposal, we found it appropriate that his proposal is low and according to our experience, it is possible to obtain the tenants, in the context of a construction evacuation transaction, more than is offered by the developer. In light of the above, we made an orderly request to a number of contractors and conducted a tender for the evacuation of the building in the area. After receiving the proposals, we arranged the contractors for the price, and gradually we raised the bids, until finally, we managed to get there

To an agreement with a contractor that in return for the evacuation of the apartment within the framework of a project of evacuation construction will be given to tenants an apartment of 120 square meters, 12 square meters sun terrace and adjacent parking !!! The above is 50% more than was suggested by the previous contractor.

The above example is an indication that more can be achieved when you know what to demand and how.
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