How to start the TAMA 38 project

How does TAMA 38 begin?

Dozens of TAMA 38 projects can not be implemented for a variety of reasons, and in this short article we will give you the 10 points that you will be able to get the TAMA 38 project into practice.

Before starting, first check whether your building was built before 1980. The condition for the TAMA 38 deal is that your building was built before 1980. If the building was built after 1980 it will not be approved by the authorities for the TAMA 38 deal.
Check the tenants' agreement to carry out the TAMA 38 deal. The rule is that for the purpose of strengthening the building according to NOP 38, you must reach the agreement of 66% of the owners of the rights in the apartments in the building. In order to carry out a settlement evacuation transaction in the context of National Outline Plan 38, you must reach the agreement of 80% of the owners of the rights in the apartments in the building.

The residents signed the consent form for the implementation of TAMA 38. The intention of the document is to express the opinion of the tenant that he is interested in implementing TAMA 38. Countless tenants find that after hard work they have not had the majority required to carry out TAMA 38 In this case it is better to save time and aggravation at the beginning of the procedure.
Choose a lawyer to accompany you. It is difficult to emphasize the importance of the lawyer and the tremendous significance of an attorney who accompanies tenants of TAMA 38 projects. The lawyer should accompany you from the first meeting until the last day of the project.
If you have received proposals for projects for the implementation of National Master Plan 38, bring them to the meeting with the lawyer If the date of meeting with the lawyer has not yet received proposals for projects, the lawyer should contact several entrepreneurs / contractors for an organized proposal.

Examination and selection of the contractor proposing to carry out the TAMA 38 project in the building, carefully examine and examine his professional experience, knowledge, operational ability and financial ability to carry out the TAMA 38 project. Use your lawyer to examine the contractor's ability. Make a comparison between the contractors and their ability, not just between the compensation they offer you. Preferred a reliable contractor with a proven ability than entrepreneurs who offer proposals that in the end will remain only on paper.
After the decision of the tenants on the contractor, the transfer of drafts between the attorney who represents you and the lawyer of the contractor.After reaching a final draft that includes, inter alia, bank guarantees, insurances, dates, etc., holding meetings between your attorney and tenants. During the meetings, an attorney must explain all details of the agreement and answer all the questions that the tenants have regarding the implementation of the TAMA 38 Agreement and the details of the contract.

Make sure that the contract does not become a "shelf" contract with the contractor and that if it does not meet the dates specified in the contract, you can announce the cancellation of the agreement and the finding of another contractor Which will put the TAMA 38 project into practice.
After reaching a final and agreed agreement, signing the NMP 38 agreement and submitting tax assessment reports to the tax authorities.

Be sure to schedule the entrepreneur to submit plans to the municipality to obtain a permit. Check the plans for the implementation of National Master Plan 38, which the contractor will present to you and intend to submit.
Before the start of the work, make sure that you have received the required bank guarantees and that the contractor has presented you with all the insurances required to carry out the TAMA project in the building 38. During the work Make sure that you have a building inspector who will regularly check the work that is being done and give you a current report on the job.
If you are a tenant interested in placing your building in the framework of National Outline Plan 38, you may contact our office via the contact form or call us at 03-6968296 and receive legal advice on how to do so.

We will accompany you from the beginning of the procedure until its completion. During the entire process, we will ensure the propriety of the procedure and its legality. We will work to ensure that all of your property rights are well maintained and we will work to get you the maximum possible.
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