In the media

In the media

Evacuation Construction - How to get the maximum?

View a lecture by Adv. Eldar Adato, Urban Renewal Conference 2015, detailing how to get the most out of an eviction deal and what are the highlights that must be noticed

Evacuation of Construction - Attorney Eldar Adato

Watch the video in which attorney Eldar Adato explains about evacuating construction - "The Professionals" program on Channel 10 - Adv. Evacuation Construction

Eldar Adato

Adv. Eldar Adato is being interviewed in the Channel 10 Real Estate Secrets Program on Urban Renewal, Construction Evacuation and TAMA 38 Transactions. 04.03.2017

Evacuation of Construction - Urban Renewal, Adv. Eldar Adato

Attorney Eldar Adato in the "Secrets of Real Estate" program explains the changes in urban renewal as a result of the approval of the Government Authority for Urban Renewal Law.

Adv. Eldar Adato is interviewed on the subject of eviction and construction in the real estate secrets program

Evacuation of Construction - Adv. Eldar Adato In a weekly corner of Channel 10's real estate secrets program,
And updates on all new and relevant developments in the evacuation of construction and TAMA 38 transactions.

Attorney Eldar Adato answers questions about evacuation and construction

Q & A on Construction Evacuation in the "Designers" Program:

Claim against Evacuation Evacuation Construction - Adv. Eldar Adato

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