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Adv. Eldar Adato specializes in the field of urban renewal and is currently considered the leading firm in Israel in the area of ​​urban renewal, evacuation of construction and TAMA 38 (according to the Globus Index, the Madlan website, and The Marker).

The firm represents and handles a large number of construction evacuation projects throughout the country. Due to the extensive knowledge and experience, and in view of the tenants' exclusive representation, we are able to obtain the best conditions for the residents to carry out a construction evacuation transaction.

Adv. Adato explains how to implement a construction evacuation project and what is the right way to act in order to get the tenants the maximum in a construction evacuation deal:
In conducting the negotiations with the contractors and formulating a construction evacuation contract, we are meticulous about ensuring the economic security of the tenant and ensuring that all of the collateral required for the evacuation of the building is given to the tenant in the maximum possible manner. The costs, including the full tax payments that will apply to the transaction and attorney's fees representing the tenants, are fully rolled over to the entrepreneur, so that in any event the tenant pays nothing for the eviction.
Adv. Eldar Adato is a guest of the "Secrets of Real Estate" program (Channel 10) and explains the most common barriers and possible solutions in the evacuation of construction transactions:
We specialize in representation of tenants starting from the initial meeting with us, where we explain and answer all the questions, about how and through the management of projects of evacuation and construction, through negotiations with the various contractors and entrepreneurs, conducting negotiations, Signing a contract, evacuating the apartment and receiving the new apartment.

During each construction evacuation project, from start to finish, we are attached to the tenants and accompanied by each step, and are available to them continuously and permanently.

If you are a tenant who wants to put your building in the framework of the evacuation of construction, you are welcome to contact our office and receive legal advice on how to do this. We will accompany you from the beginning of the process, we will turn to the entrepreneurs in order to receive proposals and we will arrange to obtain for you the best possible deal as part of the evacuation of construction. If you are a tenant who wants to check the agreement that the developer offers you as part of a construction evacuation transaction, we will be happy if you contact our office. We will review the agreement, the full terms of the agreement and make sure that your property rights are well reserved and we will work to get you the maximum possible in return for your apartment and your consent to the project of evacuation and construction.
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