Eldar Adato Law Firm is aboutique high end quality law firm , with over 20 years of experience and specializes in real estate and urban renewal. It is considered one of the leading law firms in Israel.
Eldar Adato law firm represents and advises for urban renewal projects of over 4,500 new apartments all over israel.
The lead attorney and notary, Eldar Adato, has the knowledge and legal experience of over 20 years in real estate, planning, construction and real estate taxes. Eldar Adato is a renowned expert in the field of urban regeneration, consultant and lecturer in various forums and serves corner regarding urban renewal. He is a professional host of the TV show "Secrets of Real Estate."
In addition to specializing in the field of urban renewal, the Ministry of knowledge and experience in litigation in real estate and planning and construction, including representation in administrative petitions, claims for land expropriation and impairment (s. 197 of the Planning and Construction) and civil cases including condominiums, partnership dissolutions, evacuation of occupants are protected and held, claims against the Israel Lands Authority, and other aspects of Tort law. In addition, the firm advises and represents various real estate transactions, including sales transactions, mergers, transformations, entrepreneurs, Socio-building, non-profit organizations, private landowners, other real estate transactions, and more.
The firm's lawyers provide comprehensive and professional service to its clients, with an emphasis on expertise in real estate and urban renewal in particular. The service is provided from a deep understanding of the customer, and everything required to accommodate the needs of the customer against legal actions.
As part of the legal accompaniment of urban renewal projects, the firm provides developers, builders and owners of apartments full legal support from the initial meeting until the conclusion of the procedure and the registration of the condominium.
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