Ha'atzmaut Street - Yehud

Ha'Atzmaut Street - Yehud (2 apartments for each apartment)

Simulation of the project
Our office represents the tenants on Ha'Atzmaut Street in Yehud. A plan to carry out a construction evacuation deal was approved in this area. After the tenants' association and the agreement of our firm to represent them, various entrepreneurs and contractors were contacted and we began negotiating with the entrepreneurs.

On the complex were faced a number of contractors who offered a number of different proposals. After receiving the proposals on behalf of the developers, we began intensive negotiations with each and every one of them, in order to increase the offer and to receive the best possible tenants as part of the construction evacuation project

After negotiations with the tenants we managed to reach an unprecedented achievement in Israel in the evacuation of construction transactions.

In exchange for the evacuation of their apartment, each tenant will receive 2 apartments of 120 square meters (5 rooms) and each tenant receives 2 warehouses, 4 parking spaces, monthly rental fees, Insurance, high-quality technical specifications that are identical to the specifications that the contractor's apartments will receive.

This achievement is the only one in Israel. There was nothing like him in the framework of construction evacuation deals.
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