Choosing a contractor for execution

Selection of contractor for the implementation of TAMA 38 project

Before signing with a contractor for the implementation of TAMA 38, a number of details must be examined regarding the contractor:

Is the contractor interested in carrying out the TAMA 38 project with you a private person or a company, if it is a company, is it a private company or a public company?
If it is a private company. Who are its shareholders. Is there a company decision that confirms the implementation of TAMA 38 project with you If the company is a public company, who are its main shareholders, what is the business center of the company and who will be your contact person.

What is the entrepreneur's economic ability to implement the TAMA 38 project?

In contrast to the impression that emerges, there is no difference in terms of economic ability between a private person / entrepreneur and a company. Although the term "society" creates an impression on a number of people, this does not have any effect on its economic ability.
Therefore, if it is a private person or a company, it is necessary to carefully examine their economic ability to carry out the TAMA 38 project in your country.

Is the contractor / entrepreneur registered in the Contractors Register?

Check whether the contractor / entrepreneur is registered in the contractors register.

Will the entrepreneur perform the work or another contractor on his behalf?

If the contractor decides to carry out the project or another contractor will carry out the TAMA 38 project and he will be the entrepreneur, if the other company will carry out the construction, check whether the company has ever carried out a project to strengthen the structure and what the experience Construction and construction of projects according to Tama 38.

What is the entrepreneur's experience?

The demand for TAMA 38 projects led to an increase in the number of entrepreneurs, and demanded that the entrepreneur present you with projects to strengthen the structure or previous projects he carried out under NOP 38, as in the projects of the company. If he has not yet completed building reinforcement projects or TAMA 38, demand that he present you with other projects he has carried out. In these cases, go to the sites and talk to the tenants and check their satisfaction with the entrepreneur. Did the project to their satisfaction. Did he meet the deadlines? Are there any defects in the project, if they have been corrected? more and more.
These questions will explain to you how the entrepreneur will proceed after the agreement is signed.

What is the period of work that the entrepreneur requires

Examine the period required by the entrepreneur for the implementation of TAMA 38. Does he allow himself to extend the dates without compensation, if so, what is the period.
In the event that he is late, it is necessary to clarify the fine that he will indemnify the tenants for each month of delay.

Check the type and scope of the insurance of the developer

Demanded to see the developer's insurance policy, its scope, and the conditions accompanying it.
The aforementioned conditions constitute the primary basis only for the purpose of examination and examination by the contractor for the implementation of the TAMA 38 project in your building and does not constitute a closed list.
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